This month marks the 53rd anniversary of the debut of the iconic Tamla Motown label. What better way to celebrate than to wear it?

New to the Classic Motown merchandise store is a T-shirt featuring the original Tamla Motown logo which was unveiled in Europe for the first time in March 1965. You can order the T-shirt here.

The logo was part of the launch of Tamla Motown as a distinct international label identity for the music made by Motown in Detroit. The American company released singles and albums in its home country under different labels, including Tamla, Motown, Gordy, V.I.P. and Soul. Recordings by Marvin Gaye, for example, appeared on Tamla in the U.S., while releases by the Supremes (after their first two singles) were issued on Motown.

The first U.K. single on Tamla Motown was “Stop! In The Name Of Love” by the Supremes; the first album was A Collection Of 16 Big Tamla Motown Hits. Before those and other releases in March 1965, Motown’s output appeared on the Stateside label of EMI Records, which became the American firm’s British business partner in 1963.

The Tamla Motown label was part of the Detroit hit factory’s international expansion, which also saw the first overseas package tour of its artists playing concerts in England, Scotland and Wales during March and April 1965, followed by a show in Paris on April 13. Tamla Motown made its debut in France at the same time, and was rolled out in other international markets.